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  Interactive Media's Effectiveness in Advertising  


Interactive Media as a Marketing Tool


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Interactive Media's Effectiveness in Advertising

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Rich Media Gains Prominence as Most Effective Ad Vehicle

The numbers, once again, represent the promise of rich media as an advertising vehicle. The data, results of two studies conducted by industry advocates, show how rich media is becoming more vital to company's integrated advertising schemes.


The Rich Media Numbers

The following results can be found in's Ad Serving Trend Report, Q3 2004

Rich Media as a percent of total advertisements served online : The following depicts the growth and stabilization of rich media as an advertising form online.


Click-through rated, rich media vs. non-rich media: Click-through rates (when the user actually clicks on an interactive and/or static ad), show a definitive increase when rich media is used.


Post-Impression Activity

In an earlier study, conducted again by DoubleClick, rich media also found lift in Post-Impression activity. The post-impression sales/activity are 2.27 percent or 45 percent higher than for non-rich media. What this means is that consumers are more likely to take some kind of action after seeing (but not clicking) on a rich media ad and more likely to convert to a sale with rich media than for non-rich media.



Consumer Acceptance

In an aggregate of three studies: the Microsoft/MSN Usability Research in 2004 and Dynamic Logic's 2003 and 2004 rich media advertising studies, the IAB put together a summary of what it believes are the best approaches to developing rich media advertisements, and the key issues involved. A summary is below:


The IAB even has developed a set of guidelines that represent the most appropriate and effective way to advertise using rich media. The association hopes to implement a set of standards in order keep an order of control on the rapidly developing usage of interactivity in marketing and as "an effort to improve interactive as an advertising medium."

Interactive Advertising Bureau's Rich Media Guidelines, Fall 2004.



Using Interactive Media in Marketing Campaigns

So who's actually using rich/interactive media in their campaigns? Many companies are experimenting with it. But perhaps one of the most innovative attempts in the realm of interactive marketing comes from the fast-food giant, Burger King.

In a series of integrated marketing campaigns, Burger King has stepped into new and creative territory, trying to climb one step closer to their arch nemesis, McDonalds.

We look at Burger King's efforts next.



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