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  The Resurgence of Online Advertising  


Interactive Media as a Marketing Tool


Resurgence of Online Advertising

Interactive Media's Effectiveness in Advertising

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The Numbers Tell the Story

Some of the growth shown in online advertising is revealing in the hope of marketers to further commercialize the Web, or at least target more consumers - reach them through the everyday clutter that is the ubiquitous media.


The Numbers

All of the following results can be found in PwC's Internet Advertising Revenue Report, 2nd Quarter 2004.

Online Advertising Sales Revenues: The following depicts a 42.7% increase from 2003 to 2004.


This chart reflects the growth and peak of online advertising revenue in the heyday of the Internet, the subsequent decline, and the resurrection.


This pie identifies the areas of spending, or the spending split. Focus in on Rich Media. Although it accounts for only 8% of total spending, its growth is by far the most in terms of the creative.

The Rich Media Play

As the bandwidth and advertising spending increases, so does the use of Rich Media in online marketing. It's presence is being felt on many levels: from "floating" ads, to games, to surveys, to streaming video.

So how much has it grown and how effective is it? That's what we look at next.



The Interactive Advertising Bureau's Contracted Study on Internet Advertising Revenue (2nd Qtr, 2004)